2 Way Radios for Construction

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Two-way radios are widely in use on professional construction projects to help site management coordinate personnel and services in order to deliver projects safely, on-time and within budget.

However construction sites pose many challenges to two-way radio communications, including signal coverage, ground to crane communications and linking numerous trades, subcontractors and security staff in user groups to each other and central management within a network. There is also the requirement for reliable, clear and instant communication in extremely noisy, dusty environments, within buildings and in open space whatever the weather, and of course for communications devices to be easy to use, durable and rugged.

Kenwood has been supplying The 2 way radio systems to the construction industry for many years with equipment proven in use around the world.

Since the launch of Kenwoods NEXEDGE peer to peer and trunked digital two-way radios and walkie talkie solutions, an increasing number of customers in the construction industry have upgraded to the improved clarity, increased coverage, additional flexibility and enhanced security of NEXEDGE digital two way radio technology.

Other benefits of NEXEDGE include Kenwoods Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode which, unlike some other brands, allows NEXEDGE radios to communicate automatically (without manually switching the operating mode) with existing analogue radios whatever the make; so that you can replace your analogue radios over time in a straightforward and cost effective way.

As you would expect, all Kenwood professional series hand portable walkie talkies conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them ideal in a dusty, muddy construction environment.


Repeater Site & Two Way Radio Equipment

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Fiplex has a wide range of products and solutions for the optimization of radio frequency (RF) in land Mobile radio systems, Public Safety and Two Way radio.

The product line covers bands between 25 MHz to 3 GHz with the ability to handle reception signals (lower power) to high power (hundreds of Watts) for systems operating in full duplex, half duplex and simplex.

From Power Dividers and notch type duplexers to complex combining systems in simplex, Fiplex product lines offer a full menu of solutions that allow the owner of the network to achieve maximum benefit from their system, while getting the best possible coverage.

With the objective of assuring peak performance over time, Fiplex manufactures its equipment with high grade materials in order to assure thermal stability; as is the case with INVAR, and quality surface treatments.

Included in our receive filtering solutions, Fiplex has High Q Programmable Crystal filters, a flexible solution that provides a unique and cost effective solution. A programmable crystal filter allows the customer to inventory less products but still meet the various filtering demands of many end users.

For simultaneous operation of multiple Walkie Talkies, mobiles or portables, the Control Station Combiners are the optimal solution to ensure a proper function free of spurious noise and interference among channels, allowing isolated operation of each radio and achieving greater efficiency from the RF perspective.

For those who have any issues regarding where by in addition to how to utilize DP2600 radio, you are able to e mail us with our site.

Walkie Talkies for Facilities Management

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Spanning the private and public sectors, the Facilities Management industry is notoriously difficult to define, but in essence, it is all about taking control of non-core services, allowing organisations to concentrate on what they do best.

The industry is a large and dynamic multi-billion provider of a wide range of in-house and outsourced services.

Facilities Management performs a vital function in the smooth running of offices, retail centres, industrial buildings, schools and hospitals. It has grown to become a strategic business discipline and today offers a wider range of choice in how specific functions and services are delivered.

The extent to which services offered will vary and flex around a clients need, the site being managed and the resources available but would typically include:

Health and Safety
Fire Safety
Maintenance and Repair
Statutory Testing and Inspections
Operational Services
Commercial Property Management
Business Continuity Planning

The use of Kenwood Headphone communication to coordinate services within facilities is widespread providing the ability to deliver clear voice and data transmissions to different teams located around a site to prioritise work, respond to situations, manage emergency procedures, maximise the efficient use of resources and ultimately to speed up and improve the quality of service delivered.

However as sites and user groups have become larger and buildings more complex in construction, existing analogue two-way radio networks are stretched beyond their economical capability resulting in less than ideal reception dead spots. But now, with the extended coverage, programmable features and security offered by Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital Two Way radios and their unique analogue/digital Mixed Mode (which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios whatever the make) and turn-key trunked capability, facilities managers have a predictable and economical path to migrate to the benefits of digital at an affordable cost.

If you have any sort of inquiries concerning where and how to make use of walkie talkie, you can call us at the web-site.

ProTalk® Portable UHF Business “On-Site” Walkie Talkie

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The Kenwood’s ProTalk® PKT23K two-way business radio is specially designed for those that want a Compact (about 5 inches with the antenna) and Small (only 3.9 ounces with the battery) radio with clear communications and has up to a 5 mile range or covers up to a 225,000sq.ft open warehouse*, and up to 80,000sq.ft in low power setting. If you were looking at the Motorola CLS1110 or CLP1010, you need to check this one out, because the PKT23 is about $20 less and you get double the warranty (2 years), 50% more power (1.5W vs. .5W) and four channels for your growing business instead of a single channel.

The ultra-strong polycarbonate antenna is fixed while the 1430mAh lithium ion battery delivers enough juice for up to 15 hours of battery time. To compliment the battery, the included 3 hour Micro USB fast charger is designed to keep your 2 way radio up and running at peak efficiency. The radio of choice for restaurants, hotels, retails stores and much more… This tough radio meets military specs giving it a high endorsement. To meet MILITARY 810 C, D, E and F grade, the new 1-pin connector cover has to be on.

The Palm sized PKT23K Pro Talk UHF 4 Channel 2-Way Radio Communicator, UHF 1.5 Watt Transmit Power, Wireless cloning simplifies setup of several radios, 4 Channel Operation and Internal VOX for hands-free communication with a headset. The new KPT-23 portable uses a single pin connector for audio accessories compatible with the KHS-33 and KHS-34 headsets. The new KSC-44K 3-Hour Fast Charger is a single chemistry charger and will only charge the KNB-71L battery. The KSC-44K charging cup has been designed to fit with the new KMB-44K Multi-Charger.

The Kenwod ProTalk PKT23K Two-Way UHF Radio is just what you need if you are at a retail store, hospitality setting, or a doctor who needs to be constantly in touch with his workers. This reliable and easy-to-use radio delivers just what it promises – first-rate, four-channel UHF capability. Give us a call to discuss your two way radios needs.

• UHF 1.5 Watt or 500 mW Transmit Power
• Extra Durable Polycarbonate Housing
• Small (1.8″ W x 0.8″ D x 3.3 H plus Antenna) & Lightweight (3.9 oz)
• Li-Ion battery with over 11 Hours Talk Time (5/5/90 duty cycle)
• Over 15 Hours Talk Time (with Battery Save On) 5/5/90 duty cycle
• 4 Channel Operation (factory pre-set)
• 99 User-Programmable Memory Bank Frequencies
• Channel Scan
• Wireless Cloning Mode
• Key Lock/Super Lock
• User Programmable QT (39) and DQT (168) Signaling
• Bell Tone Alert
• Speaker Mute Function
• VOX (Voice-activated transmit) with 5 Sensitivity Levels
• Voice Announcement
• Time Out Timer
• LED Battery Status Indicator
• 2 Function Keys
• 1-PIN Audio Accessory Jack
• Micro USB Port
• Antenna (fixed non-removable)
• Passes IP54 and 11 Rugged Mil-Spec 810 C, D, E, F and G Standards

What’s in the box:

• Portable PKT-23 Radio with Fixed Antenna
• KNB-71L Li-Ion 1,430 mAh battery
• KSC-44 3-Hour Micro USB Fast Charger
• KBH-20 Spring Action Belt Clip & Screws
• Fixed Speaker/Single Pin Mic Jack Cover
• Micro USB Port for programming and charging
• PKT23 Users Manual
• 2 Year Radio Warranty / 1 Year Accessory Warranty

*Maximum range can only be achieved over water or open rural areas under optimum conditions. FCC license required, form 601 and instructions are located on their website. Before filling out form 601 you must select which frequency your company will operate on. Available frequencies can be found in the owners manual. Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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At just 19, John T. Jack Hickey was the first to report VE day to his unit while working {motorola DP2600 two way radio|{2|Two} way Radio|Walkie talkie} communications for the U.S. Army.
Mr. Hickey served in Europe during World War II, and was a witness to history. He arrived in time for the brutal Battle of the Bulge, and later provided security during the Nuremberg Trials.
While overseas, the younger Mr. Hickey would use technology the field that would guide his life and employ skills he had learned as a teen lab assistant at Motorola.
Mr. Hickey, 88, a door-to-door car-radio salesman who would become chief financial officer at Motorola, died June 7 at his Glenview residence after a brief illness.
From building Motorolas first semiconductor plant in Arizona to leading long-term planning events, Mr. Hickey played a key role in the companys evolution. He had lifelong ties to the company; Mr. Hickeys father was a friend and adviser to Paul Galvin, founder of Galvin Manufacturing Co., which became Motorola.
Mr. Hickey was involved in the advances Motorola made during his 50-year career, from the big radios to the transistor radios that we used to be able to slip in our pockets when we were in school, to huge TVs to small TVs, said Kathy Barrie, one of Mr. Hickeys five children.
Mr. Hickey had one of Motorolas earliest cell phones, the size of a couple of bricks.
He loved technology. The father of five once took his family to the Motorola Museum in Schaumburg for a reunion to show off the kind of {motorola DP2600 radio (ascilikvepastacilik.org)|{2|Two} way Radio|Walkie talkie} he used in the war: My dad pointed out the model of the radio, which would be like lugging around an oxygen tank. It was just huge and heavy, Barrie said.
Mr. Hickey had already met the love of his life before shipping out. Her name was Joanne Jaye Keating.
My mother was a real beauty, said Barrie. Dad pursued her from the other side of the world, writing her letters and letters. When he came back, he just set his sights on mom.
The two married in September 1949.
I have never seen two people be such units. They just were all the way through, just ridiculously in love with each other, Barrie said.
The two traveled the world as Mr. Hickey rose in the ranks at Motorola; there were business trips to Japan and China, to Korea and the Philippines.
They visited Normandy in 2006 one of their last big trips where some of Mr. Hickeys WWII history came to light.
It was a very profound experience for him, Barrie said.
Mr. Hickey didnt talk about his military service until his later years. When his son Jim brought home a middle school assignment asking his father to describe his service in World War II, Hickey just said no, his son recalled.
But memories came flooding back in his later years. Barrie said she noticed her dads calendar just days before he died. He had marked down VE Day on May 8 (for Victory in Europe, marking Nazi Germanys surrender) as well as D-Day on June 6.
He was really thinking more about those days, Barrie said.
Even after retiring, Mr. Hickey kept up with technology. He read books and newspapers on iPads. He loved emailing. And he loved Google Earth.
Hed just marvel at what the industry was capable of. He really had such zest. He did in most things. He was an enthusiast of the highest degree. He loved new things, Barrie said.
In retirement, Mr. Hickey spent time with his family. He also volunteered on behalf of his alma mater, Loyola Academy, and was on Motorolas board of directors for 10 years after he retired in 1985.
He became very nostalgic in his later years, always saying God Bless you, said Jim Hickey.
He was a man who very much recognized the blessings that his life had. He was a religious guy, and we laugh about this, but in his last year, he would say God bless you about 300 times a day, he said.
Besides his wife, Mr. Hickey is survived by children Kathy Barrie, John, Mike, Jim and Roger, 20 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and one great-grandchild on the way.


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The hotel of choice for professional meeting planners across the country, The Peabody Orlando is celebrated for its contemporary elegance, luxurious accommodations and award-winning service. With over 300,000 square feet of flexible function space – including the pillar-free 55,000-square-foot Peabody Grand Ballroom and 105 deluxe breakout rooms – this premier property is a dream destination for corporate and convention planners alike.

Whether conventioneer, tourist or business traveler, guests anticipate a high level of responsiveness and the hotel staff work diligently to exceed expectations. From handling international exhibitions to hosting the crowd-pleasing daily “March of the

Peabody Ducks,” The Peabody Orlando stands out from the flock of first-class resorts.

As The Peabody Orlando added a new 32-story tower, revamped pool complex and expansive spa and fitness center, it gained a new communication challenge. How could it equip employees with the tools to provide seamless guest service – with twice the number of rooms and five times the meeting space?


Energized by an enterprising $450 million dollar investment, The Peabody Orlando spread its wings and soared to towering success. Two years, a new tower and a massive renovation later, it is one of the largest non-gaming hotels in the nation.

Brian Seays, Regional IT Director for The Peabody Group, describes the necessity of mobilizing staff to handle guest requests across the vast 52 acre property. “One of the biggest challenges I had was the expansion of our hotel. We started out with 891 rooms and 60,000 square feet of meeting space. We’ve now grown to 1,641 rooms, over 300,000 square feet of meeting space and 1,700 employees. Most of them are using their radios on a daily basis, from engineers to security to guest services, banquet, beverage, catering, sales and convention services staff.”

“We have a very large footprint now,” adds Margie Sanchez, Assistant Director of Conference Management, “and to get our guests from the main lobby to one of our ballrooms requires a lot of

finesse and being able to give directions very clearly. Our associates are used to walking our guests to certain areas, so the familiarity of that space is very, very important not only to our associates, but to communicate that to our guests.”

The increased footprint presented unique communications challenges. The Peabody Orlando’s existing five channel analog trunked system was now insufficient to provide adequate coverage with the addition of the larger building. One of the alternatives hotel management had explored was cellular because of the small, lightweight devices, but spotty coverage that caused dead spots in the back hallways and in the elevators, the long-term monthly $50 per unit fee, and operating on an unreliable public network ultimately made that technology unattractive.

When management were introduced to MOTOTRBO SL Series digital two Way Radio technology, they realized they could still get devices that replicated the slim, discreet form factor of a mobile phone, without having to pay recurring costs or operate on a public

network, which provided more reliability since the hotel sits in a hurricane zone. Even more, they could enjoy the robust benefits of two-way radio communication that would continue to run their HotSOS applications and provide crystal clear voice transmission.


Ultra-thin, ultra-light and loaded with hospitality features, the innovative design and features of the MOTOTRBO SL Series enhance the level of

professionalism and discretion so users can provide superior customer service and faster response times. “I think the form factor is key,” said Seays. “As management, you’re going in and out of meetings and your wardrobe really doesn’t lend itself to carry a five-

pound device hanging from your belt loop. The SL Series is no different than carrying my cell phone.”

Over in Conference Management, Margie Sanchez agrees with how slim, lightweight and discreet the SL Series is. “The flexibility that the new radio has, in its size, in the earpiece, makes it almost like it’s not really there. So it is quite convenient in communication to our other associates while we assist our guests.”


Whether it’s discreet text messaging or easy-to-read work order tickets, the SL Series improves the way the staff at The Peabody Orlando interacts and reacts. With integrated Bluetooth® in the radio, they can use wireless accessories to move freely without the hassle

of wires, and share real time information and streamline their response. Hotel security, for example, relies on text messaging for rapid, unobtrusive communication that is covert and doesn’t distract employees or guests.

From management to maintenance, employees are also enthusiastic about the 2-inch, full color, five line

screen that reduces HotSOS work order steps, improves readability and increases their efficiency. “We’ve

been very big fans of the HotSOS application,” Seays explains. Rather than scrolling through multiple screens to view a work order, “With the SL Series screen you get a lot of that message on your first glance, which is very good. It allows us to respond to our guests quickly and effectively.”


According to Sanchez, the SL Series offers excellent voice clarity, even in the commotion of a crowded event. Its Intelligent Audio automatically adjusts radio volume to compensate for background noise, so she won’t miss a call in a loud ballroom or disturb guests when she steps back into a hushed hallway.

“The Intelligent Audio feature was a great benefit for us,” she says, “especially when you’re dealing with an event that might have 1,200 people. The radio took out all that background noise and what was being communicated amongst our staff was very, very clear. That is key, because when you have a lot of different events and chatter on the radio, you want to be able to pick up exactly what is being said, so you can respond to it as quickly as possible.”


Covert and comfortable Bluetooth wireless accessories are the perfect fit for discreet communication throughout the hotel. “I’ve been using the Bluetooth and I’m ecstatic about it,” says Jon Vereen in Security Training. “I can still hear the sounds that are around me, and the radio comes in crisp and clear. I don’t have to unplug it to talk to a guest.”

“The headset makes it seamless,” adds Sanchez.

“It makes getting answers so much faster, and it gives a certain confidence to our guests when they ask questions, that we are able to readily give the response they’re looking for. There’s no delay.”


With its sleek shape, easy-to-use interface, exceptional audio and integrated data applications, the SL Series digital radios have improved The Peabody Orlando’s ability to respond to its clientele. “Guest experience has been out of this world with the transition,” says Seays.

“When we were using the analog system, it would take several minutes to get a clear radio to speak from. If there was a guest or a group who needed assistance, you could be waiting three minutes. The MOTOTRBO digital system has given us the ability to have thousands of channels to use, and we don’t have those kinds of delays.”

“To maintain a rating as a Forbes Four-Star, AAA Four Diamond hotel, it really requires us to be able to quickly mobilize and act on behalf of our guests,” Seays points out. As The Peabody Orlando showcases its capabilities to the convention industry and beyond, the SL Series is helping them project an image of elegant professionalism and provide a level of impeccable guest service.

2 way radio Headset Employs

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