The Motorola DP2400 Review

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A two-way radio has to be able to work quickly and efficiently. It has to be simple to use, robustly designed and multi-faceted enough to appeal to a variety of users. Fortunately, Motorola are very, very good at fulfilling these criteria. So, with that in mind, we put the DP 2400 through its paces.


The clarity of digital audio is undeniable. But if you still prefer analogue, then don’t despair. The DP 2400 2 Way Radio is completely comfortable handling both analogue and digital signals.

But there’s a lot more it can do besides that.

The DP 2400 can even use its ‘IP Site Connect’ function to expand the capability of the device via the Internet. In addition, the ‘capacity plus’ function can use a single-site trunking system to enable over a thousand voice or data transfer-users without adding any new frequencies. It can even use an (optional) ‘linked capacity plus’ feature (a multi-site version of the ‘capacity plus’ function) that works in tandem with the IP functionality to ensure even broader fields of communication over greater distances.

There’s even an enhanced security function.

The Motorola DP 2400 comes in both VHF and UHF forms.


At £284, this is a reasonably priced, yet high spec, device. With the release of the 3400, we can reasonably expect the price to drop a little more as well soon, but probably not by an incredible amount, as both models do seems to specialize in slightly different areas.

Overall, it does look like Motorola are offering a good radio-based product for your money, yet again.


The design is hardy and utilitarian; this is the sort of two-way radio a security guard or professional soldier might use. Its tough, square edged and no-nonsense, but it still looks modern and professional. On top of this, the DP 2400’s ease of use makes the simplicity of the design a perfect marriage of model and operation.

As with most of Motorola’s designs, the DP2400 is a tough little doohickey. The bodywork is so tightly sealed, in fact, that it is almost completely dust and sand proof and has a water protection rating of IP55 (that means you can use it in the rain, but you probably can’t take it snorkelling).

The audio performance of the DP2400 Walkie Talkie is nothing short of spectacular. It even adjusts the levels to compensate for background noise automatically.

In fact, so high performance is this radio, that it actually meets US military standard 810 C D E F and G.

The only negative we could find was that the design was slightly bulky and the battery was a little heavy, however, the battery life is so good that we really don’t mind. Besides, it’s reassuring to be absolutely sure that you aren’t about to lose the product (you’d soon notice if you dropped it).

As an optional extra, you can even get a function that will interrupt an existing signal in order to deliver critical information without waiting for a line to close/open.


It really does seem as if Motorola have thought of everything this time around. What we’ve got here is a two-way radio that is pretty close to perfection. It seems to do anything you could possibly want it to and, when ‘pimped out’ with all the optional extras, it will surely do a lot more besides.

There aren’t really any downsides with this product, it works extremely well, is pretty much top of the line in its price range and is bang up to date technologically. What more can you ask for?

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What will you do if i stated I have found a communication devices ww2 piece that isnt only fascinating but educational also? I knew you would not believe me, so here it is the enlightening, excellent and interesting piece

two way radio ear muffsThere are quite a few. Its hard to say if they have one major rival. Personally, I think of it like Godzilla. Yes, hes the main monster, but he still has to contend with King Ghidorah, Mothra, Mechagodzilla and Destroyah (amongst literally a million others).

Anyway, in this instance, the communications giant Motorola is rivalled by the firms Icom, Kenwood, Cobra, Vertex and Hytera (after reading the names youll probably see why I started thinking of the Godzilla analogy).

Icom has quite an interesting company history. As detailed from their official website,

In 1974 Dave Stockley, founder and company Chairman, opened a retail shop in Beltinge, near Herne Bay, with partner Paul Nicholson. Initially they distributed various brands of communication equipment including Icom. They later approached Icom Inc. and were granted sole distribution rights in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This paved the way for future success. As the company grew, the present Managing Director, Philip Hadler joined. Thanet Electronics then launched a handportable for radio amateurs. This proved so successful that marine and commercial variants soon found their way to these shores. During the Falklands conflict, the company received a large order from the UK Ministry of Defence. It was all hands on deck for the small team, who modified and inspected each radio to meet the strict MoD specifications. The quality of Icom’s radios, combined with the ability to tailor each product to the users needs, created a formula for success.

Over on Kenwoods official page, the history section is a little less personal, but it does go out of its way to emphasize the companys involvement with the world of Forumla 1 racing. It also proudly announces that Kenwood launched the worlds first transistor amplifier back in 1962.

Cobras official page has a nicely detailed history section. Having been around in one form of another since 1948, Cobra first found their feet with the American consumer nearly three decades ago. Their website states that,

The early 80s were boom years, with the introduction of cordless telephones and radar detectors. The Cobra name soon came to stand for technical innovation. By 1987, the company was propelled exclusively into the consumer electronics market and in 1993 the corporate name was formally changed from Dynascan to Cobra Electronics Corporation with the NASDAQ stock trading symbol of COBR. Cobra identified the need for unique products and renewed its focus on product innovation and high-impact merchandising. This new strategy began paying impressive dividends in 1997, when the company registered double-digit revenue growth and a five-fold increase in earnings.

Motorola have long been an innovator and industry leader in the field of communications, from phones to radios and pretty much anything else you can think of.

In fact, Motorola were there right at the beginning, producing one of the very first 2 Way Radio systems just in time for Americas entry into WW2. But thats a story for another time.

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A Good Night’s Sleep Walkie Talkies in Public Safety & How They Relate to You

walkie talkie jokesMy basic review of this new walkie talkie yaesu malaysia it starts up well, looks rather cool, is easy to run and really energy efficient, the two way radio qld really is a excellent product. I’m pleased I bought it, read more beneath.

There are some moments when the world seems to turn inwards upon itself and nothing makes sense anymore.

In these moments, when man’s inhumanity to his own brothers and sisters would defy belief, were the chilling evidence not plain as day on your television screen, we are afraid. Anybody who says otherwise is either lying or mad.

In truth, these terrible moments seem to be increasing in number, with a multitude of terrorist attacks, a surge in civil unrest (caused, in large part, by the callousness of a government unconcerned with the lives of everyday people) and increased violence/gang activity on our city streets.

Public safety is a hugely important vocation, more so than ever in these uncertain times. Emergency services, such as the Fire Brigade, The Paramedics and The Police Service have to be able to respond to a major crisis within a moment’s notice.

In times of real disaster, such as a violent riot or terrorist attack, these services need to co-ordinate their efforts. Medical teams need to reach the injured, police need to arrest those responsible for starting the violence and the Fire Brigade must be responsible for tending to situations that don’t always involve fire (rescuing trapped civilians etc).

How can the emergency services keep in touch quickly, clearly and efficiently? They use Icom walkie talkies, of course.

Two-way radios are a proven technology. They are reliable, easy to use and cost-effective. Plus, they have strong outer bodywork that is well suited to dangerous operating environments.

It’s easy to train staff to use a two-way radio system and the devices rarely suffer from loss of signal like a mobile phone would. By pressing one button, users can easily interface with each other, share vital information over large distances (in real time) and, in the process, save innocent lives.

In a very real sense, two-way radios are a factor in your ability to sleep at night and feel safe and protected. As important as they are in other areas of British industry, they are even more important to public safety.

So, when you go to sleep tonight, spare a thought for the emergency services who bravely keep you safe, from fire, from violence and from serious injury/illness. Public safety is a vital part of our lives and these people are committing their professional lives to it, every single day.

Satellite Radio Online Store RapidSatellite com Reviewed

Again a different short article i found fascinating around the subject matter of walkie talkie amazon’s, what would you need to do if i didn’t post this ehh? you’d have to find the original content, the chances you found it would be slim, so deem yourself lucky that i’ve shared this wonderful article with you.

Rapid Satellite provides the best selection of Sirius Radio satellite equipment was one of the first web sites I found offering satellite radio satellite equipment. They only carry Sirius satellite radio products, but they have a good selection.

Right now is having a great special programming offer. For $129 you can get a Sirius satellite radio system for both the home and car. Pay $179 now and get a $50 rebate from Sirius Radio. I bet they won’t be continuing that offer for long as they’ll get sold out overnight! That is one heck of a deal. I was pricing XM Radio for car and home and the prices were significantly higher on other websites. But for $129 getting satellite radio for car and home? That’s what I call a no brainer. Click the link here to see for yourself. What a deal. I still can’t believe it.

Almost forgot to mention that if you pay for a year’s service of Sirius satellite motorola DP2400 two way radio they’ll throw in three months free. That’s not a bad deal folks.

Ok now on to review what satellite equipment has to offer for Sirius Radio buffs.
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver (requires Plug-n-Play Module)
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes just the Sirius tuner & remote. Requires a Home Adapter Kit and/or Vehicle Adapter Kit. $99.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner (Requires Home or Car Module)
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius Tuner and Remote. Requires a Vehicle Adapter Kit and/or Home Adapter Kit. $99.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Plug & Play Home Use Kit
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and home adapter kit. $149.99

Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Vehicle Plug & Play Kit
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and Vehicle Adapter Kit. $149.99

Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Home Plug & Play Kit
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and Home Adapter Kit. $149.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ FM Wireless Vehicle Plug & Play Kit
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote and FM Wireless Vehicle Adapter Kit. $149.99

Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Both Home & Vehicle Plug & Play Kit ($129.99 after $50 Sirius Rebate)
Audiovox Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle Portable Tuner. This package includes the Sirius tuner, remote, Home Adapter Kit and Vehicle Adapter Kit. ($50 Sirius Rebate) $179.99

Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio System w/ Both Home & FM Wireless Vehicle Plug & Play Kits (149.99 After $50 Sirius Rebate)
Kenwood Sirius Satellite Radio Here2Anywhere tuner. This package includes the Sirius Tuner, Remote, FM Wireless Vehicle Adapter Kit & Home Adapter Kit. $199.99

As you can see I really like for their package selections at reduced prices. They really know how to entice someone to buy! is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online and #1 in consumer satisfaction among cable and satellite TV suppliers as rated by J.D. Power and Associates. Basically, you can trust this company that when you order you’ll get what you ordered with no problems.

After you put the item in your shopping cart and decide to checkout you’ll need to create an account. Just the usual of name, address, username, password which speeds up the checkout process later and allows you to not type it all back in the next time you purchase from them. They cannot ship to P.O. boxes, so you’ll have to use a real address. The not shipping to P.O. Boxes is from credit card fraud. People steal credit cards and then get items shipped to P.O. Boxes. Cutting out shipping to P.O. Boxes cuts out that fraud.

After you enter your delivery address they’ll run it past the USPS to make sure there are no problems delivering your item. That’s a really nice feature that they double check your address. Shipping was only $9.99 for a receiver shipped to my zipcode in the middle of nowhere. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Their toll free phone number that is staffed 24 hours 7 days a week is always visible at the upper left corner of every page. I don’t know about you but that inspires confidence in them for me.

Reasons your business should use Two way radios

What will you do if i stated I had found a 2 way radio manual piece that isn’t only interesting but informative as well? I knew you would not believe me, so here it is the enlightening, superb and appealing article

Easy to use, rugged and affordable. In the competitive construction and manufacturing field, improving productivity and controlling costs has never been more important. Motorola and Kenwood business two-way radios provide clear communication – often in noisy environments – and that’s essential to avoiding downtime, accelerating job progress and enabling faster response.

Instant communication in Construction means: Improved jobsite coordination, Reduced operational costs, Faster delivery and material coordination, Smoother work crew scheduling, Quick coordination and response to emergencies, Enhanced safety and security, Immediate production updates, Increased customer service and satisfaction and Reduced monthly operating costs.

Some of the reason businesses purchase Walkie Talkies is worker safety and liability issues, pressure to finish projects faster, profit margins are thin, getting more done with fewer workers, workers carry many tools on the job, workers can coordinate and quickly respond to accidents, or emergencies, maintain constant contact with and among workers to help, mobilize them and get tasks completed faster, affordable walkie talkie radios help make workers more productive and accountable. Leaner work crews stay focused on the job at hand and keep projects moving. Durable, lightweight and easy to use, the walkie talkie radios clip right on the tool belt.

On-Site Two-Way Business Radios uphold that superior standard. Each radio and radio accessory is backed by a limited one-year warranty on parts and labor. So when you select the walkie talkie, you’ll experience the same exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from all Motorola and Kenwood products. Some even have a two year warranty. See the manufacturer for details.

Two-Way Business Radios are a powerful combination of exceptional audio quality and excellent durability. Discover what many managers already know — Motorola two-way business radios offer you a powerful tool for enhancing employee productivity and overall customer satisfaction. Now, through the enhanced technology you get performance that you can leverage in your company or facility.

Rugged and Water Resistant are ways to describe most Business Two Way Radios. Durable metal die cast chassis helps radios hold up under demanding conditions. These 2 way radios meets Military 810 C, D, E, F and IP54/55 specifications for shock, rain, humidity, salt fog, vibration, sand, dust, temperature shock, and high and low temperatures. The IP54/55 tests include subjecting the radio to a high-speed, high-volume shower from all directions for three minutes.

Two-way radios offer the range and features that can help you increase productivity and efficiency, enhance security, and improve overall operation or customer service—all at the push of a button. Making sure your 2way radios are charged and ready to go is effortless too. Multi-unit and single drop-in chargers keep radios charged, ready, and centrally located. And the rechargeable lithium ion battery provides long battery life.

Improving efficiency and productivity – from department stores to large hotels, from restaurants to campuses, it’s why more businesses and schools use Motorola and Kenwood business two-way radios. They’re convenient, economical and the key to ensuring a streamlined process and enhanced customer service in retail, restaurant and hospitality establishments. Let’s not forget the manufacturing and construction industry. These 2-ways are long lasting and durable.

Narrow-banding is in effect On January 1, 2013, all public safety and business industrial land mobile radio systems operating in the 150-512 MHz radio bands must cease operating using 25 kHz efficiency technology, and begin operating using at least 12.5 kHz efficiency technology. This deadline is the result of an FCC effort that began almost two decades ago to ensure more efficient use of the spectrum and greater spectrum access for public safety and non-public safety users. Migration to 12.5 kHz efficiency technology (once referred to as Re-farming but now referred to as Narrowbanding) will allow the creation of additional channel capacity within the same radio spectrum, and support more users. As of January 1, 2011, the Commission no longer accepts applications for new wide-band 25 kHz operations, or modification of existing wideband 25 kHz stations that expand the authorized interference contour.

After January 1, 2013, licensees not operating at 12.5 kHz efficiency will be in violation of the Commission’s rules and could be subject to FCC enforcement action, which may include admonishment, monetary fines, or loss of license. source:

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Isle of Man to get two new Two way radio transmitters

What’s your favorite feature of my 2 way radio grundy va? In my opinion, I like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

Two new digital radio transmitters are to be sited in the Isle of Man, the BBC has announced.

It is part of a move to bring the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service to 2.5 million people in the British Isles before the end of 2015.

A BBC spokesman said the transmitters will be co-sited with the existing television transmitters at Port St Mary and Ramsey.

The Isle of Man currently has one transmitter in Douglas.

The service will carry the BBC’s nationwide services; motorola DP2400 walkie talkies 1 to 5 live, 1Xtra, 4 Extra, 5 live sports extra, 6 Music, Asian Network and World Service.

satellite radio

two way radio frequency listWhat will you do if i said I had found a two way radio reviews piece that isn’t only interesting but educational as well? I knew you would not believe me, so here it is the informative, superb and interesting piece

First, one of the biggest advantages of satellite radio has to be that it is available all over the nation. That’s right, whether you live in New York or California you can get access to satellite radio services. With easy subscription, users can access terrific music anytime and anywhere they want.

Next, in terms of the advantages of satellite 2 Way Radio, a great advantage can be found in the fact that if a subscriber likes to travel, they can still get great satellite radio service. For instance, if a satellite radio subscriber lives in New York and they travel to Arizona, they can still listen to their favorite satellite radio stations because subscribers are not hindered by geographic location. Due to the fact that the radio signals are sent via satellite, subscribers will find that they are never far away from their favorite stations!

Third in line when considering the advantages of satellite radio is the fact that satellite radio signals provide subscribers with crystal clear audio clarity. No longer does a music lover have to worry about traveling out of range when a great song comes on over the car radio. In fact, no matter where the location, satellite radio provides perfect quality of sound every time a music lover listens.

Another of the advantages of satellite radio is the fact that many of the stations offered focus n specific musical genres. For example, if a satellite radio subscriber loves heavy metal, they can listen to a satellite radio station that focuses solely on heavy metal music. This saves music lovers from having to scan through station after station to find the music genre they adore. In fact, genre focused satellite radio stations allow users to hear their favorite music whenever they want.

Yet another of the advantages of satellite radio is the fact that the music is uninterrupted. There are no commercials with satellite radio and satellite radio subscribers particularly enjoy this benefit. Let’s face it; no one wants to listen to commercial after commercial just to hear a smattering of songs in between-in fact, the fewer commercials the better. Thus, satellite radio gives music lovers exactly what they want-nonstop music all day every day.

Finally, the affordability of satellite radio just can’t be surpassed. In fact, satellite radio can be purchased at just a little over ten dollars a month. For that price satellite radio subscribers can get over 100 channels of fantastic music. Thus, the advantages of satellite radio, especially in terms of its affordability, are truly phenomenal indeed!

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