A Look Back At Air’s ‘Talkie Walkie’ Ten Years Later (Recap)

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On Tuesday A Look Back At Air’s ‘Talkie Walkie’ Ten Years Later was a top story. Here is the recap: (Radio.com) Radio.com takes a special look back at Air’s 2004 full-length Talkie Walkie which turned 10 this month, and will be the focus of a special anniversary reissue package due later this year.
When the band Air emerged from Versailles, France, in 1998 with their debut album Moon Safari, the group’s dreamy sound swept over the music world like a cool summer breeze. From the opening instrumental, “La Femme d’Argent,” to the album’s appropriately cheeky left field hit, “Sexy Boy,” the duo’s mélange of lounge-intensive ’60s sounds with the whimsy of fellow countryman Serge Gainsbourg was an immediate hit in hip, dimly-lit bedrooms around the world.

Following Moon Safari, Air released the highly successful film score for Sofia Coppola’s gauzy 1999 movie, The Virgin Suicides. The duo’s upward trajectory stalled a bit with the release of the experimental 10,000 Hz Legend (2001). Heavy with Daft Punk-like vocoder and a dizzying variety of sounds, the relatively muted response to the record gave the duo a renewed sense of purpose when approaching its’ follow-up full-length.

“We were kind of pretentious going into 10,000 Hz Legend,” admitted Air’s Nicolas Godin during a recent phone call from France to discuss motorola DP2400 radio, now 10 years old (it was released on Jan. 27, 2004). “We were kind of full of ourselves after Moon Safari, so there was a lot of ambition on [10,000 Hz Legend]. I think we tried too hard with it. So for Talkie Walkie, we didn’t have any expectations or particular ambitions. It was just JB and I, no collaborators,” he said in regards to the band’s other half, Jean-Benoit Dunckel. “We just wanted to make something simple.”

Over the course of two interviews, both Godin and Dunckel looked back on Talkie Walkie with palpable fondness, placing it high in their personal rankings of the band’s discography. They answered questions honestly and frankly, particularly Dunckel, whose personal recollections of the time bordered on the TMI (more on that later).

Both members agree that Air is taking 2014 off to work on individual projects, including the first solo release from Godin (“all I can say is that it sounds nothing at all like anything I’ve ever done”) and Dunckel releasing the second album by Tomorrow’s World, a collaboration with vocalist Lou Hayter) but plan to reconvene for a new Air album and tour in 2015. In the meantime, they’re sifting through outtakes and live tracks from the era for a special 10th anniversary Talkie Walkie reissue.

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The various walkie talkies radios

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It is a Walkie Talkie communication unit that permits stability and privacy to the events having component in speaking with each and every other particularly exactly where there is no indicates of entry to easy communication.nThe walkie talkies radios can be utilised in excess of prolonged distances in emergencies and in industries. The general public transportation sector utilizes walkie talkies radios for communicating among buses, trams and trains. The two-way radios allow autos to simply and quickly communicate with the hub with out dialing or requesting permission.nnMany walkie talkies radios can be linked to a solitary frequency. This enables mass conversation amongst many individuals with no restrictions. There are numerous sorts of walkie talkies radios which are available right now. The analog and digital models have been utilized as toys and quick variety communication.nAnalog models typically utilize a handheld moveable unit with a built in radio and receiver. This unit can be attached to a belt or kept in a pocket when not in use. Several construction web sites and regulation enforcement departments utilize this kind of walkie talkies design. Specific walkie talkies radios have been positioned inside h2o evidence and anti-corrosive casings for underwater use.nnWith advances in electronics walkie talkies radios have been adapted to use VHF and HF units for enhanced assortment and high quality. These walkie talkies types are exceptionally little and can be stored in practically any compartment. Developments to safety have also been made achievable with latest improvements in engineering.nThe analog and electronic units occur with embedded security which helps prevent any unidentified models from eavesdropping into a discussion. The distinction among industrial and consumer walkie talkie types may differ with characteristics and good quality. The normal assortment of a buyer walkie talkie is substantially reduced than more specialist designs.nnThe dimensions of walkie talkies radios will vary on these two factors as properly. The walkie talkies radios use powerful batteries and antenna receivers. The antenna of the walkie talkies radios needs to be of appreciable measurement to decide up acceptable frequencies.nCommercial walkie talkie designs occur with protected casings created from metal and aluminum. These versions are water resistant and shock evidence. nnThe walkie talkies radios are perfect for lengthy variety consistent conversation. It is able of relaying data clearly and securely. The walkie talkies radios is best for outside and severe terrain use.

Plantronics Audio 326 Stereo PC Headset

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The Plantronics .Audio 326 delivers full-range sound for music, movies, Podcasts and Internet calling with noise-canceling features Optimized for PC music and calling – it’s the lightweight .Audio 326. This flexible headset, with an adjustable and noise-canceling microphone, is perfect for Skype® and other Internet calls as well as listening to music, video games and more.Experience Full-Range Audio for Internet Calls or Listening to Music, Podcasts, DVDs, and MoreGet the Most from Your PCExperience full-range stereo soundCommunicate without background noise, thanks to noise-canceling technologyHeadset optimized for Skype® and other Internet callsErgonomic User FeaturesAdjust the volume or mute the microphone with the convenient inline controlsLightweight design and swivel-mounted ear cushions

Product Features

Full-range stereo sound
Noise-canceling microphone
Convenient in-line controls for music and microphone volume or mute
Lightweight and comfortable for hours
Boom stows discreetly when not in use

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Radio Fire Alarm Systems

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Lots of people share a grave misunderstanding concerning the use and application of fire security systems. A great fire security alarm can help to save your existence and safeguard your home. A long time ago, when fire security systems didn’t exist huge fires burned large structures, complete communities, and sometimes eliminate a whole city as this is important it is also worth considering the implications of walkie talkies and how impotant they would be in a fire. The reason behind the damages that fires have cost previously was mainly because of the truth that most structures were built by wood, which there is no type of fire alarm system to avoid the fireplace from distributing.

It’s surprising to realize the number of people think the fireplace security systems are installed solely in corporate structures and companies this is not true and similar people have looked into getting the Icom F25SR and Kenwood TK3301 2 Way Radio for all of there fire alarm needs. It is a lot more vital that you consider fire security alarm that will work on your house than elsewhere, as the primary problem is the security of ones own as well as your property.

Previously fire sensors weren’t that reliable within the recent here’s research and focus together with amazing technological developments have produced a scenario by which far along systems are less costly plus much more reliable compared to what they ever were. The advantage is fire security systems are associated with primary station by which it’ll security systems indexed by its file are supervised 24 hrs each day, each day of the season. This type of fire alarm station also stores an entire detail of the location and just how to make contact with you. This implies that in case of a fireplace the middle could locate and phone you as quickly as possible to show you from the situation. Additionally, it means that any fire would immediately be processed through the station which it will inform the government bodies concerning the fire, leading to the fireplace department to reach the scene quickly.

The current fire security alarm uses network of tools and apparatus that make it function inside a perfect way, an ideal way meaning the complete perfect method of stopping a fireplace, these power tools are often made from some particular components and each single component ought to be in prime shape.

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Motorola Mobility’s patent lawsuits investigated by EU

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Motorola Mobility’s patent lawsuits have become the subject of two investigations by the European Commission.

It follows complaints by Apple and Microsoft after Motorola tried to block sales of their products.
They said that Motorola – which is in the process of being taken over by Google – had failed to license “essential” technologies on fair and reasonable terms.

Motorola denies any wrongdoing.
“The commission will examine whether Motorola’s behaviour amounts to an abuse of a dominant market position,” a statement from the commission said.
The dispute centres on Motorola’s use of Frand-type patents.
These involve technologies that are deemed to be part of an industry standard and therefore must be offered for a reasonable fee to anyone willing to pay.

“Motorola Mobility is confident that a thorough investigation will demonstrate that it has honoured its Frand obligations and complied with anti-trust laws,” a statement from the firm said.
“[We] will continue to work closely with the European Commission to resolve this matter as soon as practicable.”
Injunctions Apple has clashed with Motorola over the amount it should pay for its use of a patent for a “method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet DP2600 walkie talkie system”.

The dispute led a German court to order a ban of certain iPad and iPhone models in Germany last year – a ruling which was later suspended.
Apple has also been forced to suspend its push email service to German customers as a result of another clash.
Microsoft faces a separate complaint in Germany in a fortnight’s time over its use of H.264 video-compression technology patents claimed by Motorola.

Microsoft announced on Monday that it was moving its European software distribution centre from Germany to the Netherlands in order to prevent a potential ban of shipments of its Windows 7 system software and Xbox 360 gaming consoles.
“We would have preferred to keep our European distribution centre in Germany, where it has been for many years,” a statement from Microsoft said.

“Unfortunately the risk from disruption’s from Motorola’s patent litigation is simply too high.”
Patent consultant Florian Mueller blogged that the commission’s intervention might influence the outcome of the case.
“Germany is the only EU member state in which Motorola is suing Apple and Microsoft over standard-essential patents,” he wrote.

“The commission’s decision to launch these formal investigations should serve as food for thought for certain judges in the largest EU member state who have shown a worrying tendency in recent years to put patent law far above anti-trust law.”
Enforcement The European Commission’s action follows earlier warnings that it had concerns about Motorola’s enforcement tactics, which it expressed after approving Google’s takeover of the firm.

“The holders of standard-essential patents have considerable market power,” said competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia.
“This market power can be used to harm competition… I don’t need to tell you that this is unacceptable, and I am determined to use anti-trust enforcement to prevent such hold-up by patent holders.”
The Commission launched a related probe into Samsung in January after it sought sales injunctions against Apple linked to its Frand-related 3G patents.

2 Way Radios for Construction

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Two-way radios are widely in use on professional construction projects to help site management coordinate personnel and services in order to deliver projects safely, on-time and within budget.

However construction sites pose many challenges to two-way radio communications, including signal coverage, ground to crane communications and linking numerous trades, subcontractors and security staff in user groups to each other and central management within a network. There is also the requirement for reliable, clear and instant communication in extremely noisy, dusty environments, within buildings and in open space whatever the weather, and of course for communications devices to be easy to use, durable and rugged.

Kenwood has been supplying Icom radio systems to the construction industry for many years with equipment proven in use around the world.

Since the launch of Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® peer to peer and trunked digital two-way radios and walkie talkie solutions, an increasing number of customers in the construction industry have upgraded to the improved clarity, increased coverage, additional flexibility and enhanced security of NEXEDGE® digital two way radio technology.

Other benefits of NEXEDGE® include Kenwood’s Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode which, unlike some other brands, allows NEXEDGE® radios to communicate automatically (without manually switching the operating mode) with existing analogue radios whatever the make; so that you can replace your analogue radios over time in a straightforward and cost effective way.

As you would expect, all Kenwood professional series hand portable walkie talkies conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them ideal in a dusty, muddy construction environment.

How To Choose A Two way radio

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two way radio accessoriesThe walkie talkie radio was developed during the Second World War to allow military personnel to communicate effectively while in combat situations. Strangely the term walkie talkie actually refers to the backpack two Way Radio models carried by troops, the handheld varieties being known as handy talkies amongst the troops. Today the walkie talkie radio is used in all manner of industries and in the home and like so many electrical devices has shrunk considerably from the original cumbersome models used throughout the war. In general the walkie talkie has a mouthpiece to speak into and a speaker to listen to messages; modern variants however also have earpieces for discreet applications.

Predominantly the radio comes in two types; usually these are referred to as licensed and unlicensed in the industry. Licensed walkie talkies have a specific radio frequency that communications are transmitted across; typically this frequency is isolated purely for that set of radios. An example of this would be the radios used by racing pit crews in order for them to communicate with each other, the team director and the driver whilst he is out on the track. Unlicensed varieties are normally available in most electronic stores. These are not given a specific frequency and as such as susceptible to problems with cross communication from other radio devices. Because of these problems unlicensed models are normally cheaper than licensed versions.

Considering the type of walkie talkie radio to purchase can be difficult with such a large range on the market today. Firstly it is important to assess the purposes the radios will be used for; for instance, hikers may wish to use an unlicensed model while security personnel would almost certainly need to look at licensed devices. As with any purchase it is important to research the different technologies out there before purchasing. With features such as weather channels, head set transceivers and wrist communicators there is a wide selection to choose from. At this stage it is important to stick to your needs and not buy a device with features that will never be used.

The distance that radios will have to cover is also an important consideration. Anything fewer than two miles is normal although if the distance is greater than five miles, licensed models should certainly be looked at as a more appropriate option. If it is likely that multiple users will be operating the devices a compatibility system will be required. This will allow communication between many parties and will eliminate static and interference. The power supply is naturally an important factor and should be considered carefully, rechargeable models are perfect for uses with a ready power supply but for applications away from settlements changeable batteries are a better solution.

When using the device it is important to learn how to scramble the radio communications. Many models use a voice scrambler to keep messages private while some have sub channels that allow for private communications within an existing network. As part of this it is always important to realise what is being said when speaking through the walkie talkie, conversations should be kept brief and specific to the task, anything confidential should be kept to face to face meetings.

Many thought that the walkie talkie would soon become obsolete at the advent of the mobile phone. This is a fallacy however; there are certain instances where the two way radio is far more useful, such as in areas with little or no network coverage and situations where the time lag on cell phone communications is not preferable. Hopefully this information has given an idea of the uses of walkie talkies and how to select the right model for different purposes. As technology improves it is doubtless that these devices will become ever smaller and more adept at answering people’s communication requirements.

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