Building Relationships How 2 way radios Make Construction Work Easier

So i discovered this short article on the internet and i heard that just posting it like a whole piece isn’t the best thing, I got permission from the original author and read up the way to curate content, so that is it…….i thought this was fascinating as it highlights some of the highs and lows that I encountered when i was working within the business.

zingui communication deviceInstant communication is of vital importance to construction workers the world over. Radios are part of the lifeblood of the construction industry. It is not an understatement to call the use of two-way radio systems vital to the wellbeing of the industry, not only in the interests of communication and efficiency, but also for safety.

Busy construction sites are actually one of the more challenging areas for 2 Way Radio networks to navigate. Building sites present numerous challenges for two-way radio networks, such as background noise, signal coverage, ground to crane communications, security issues and subcontractors requiring access to the system.

In addition, the hardware itself needs to be solid and durable. A construction-site radio should able to endure harsh weather, heavy impacts (such as being dropped) and possible exposure to water, paint, adhesives and sawdust, without adversely affecting performance. That’s quite a tall order, but the radios are up to it.

David Ashfield is an experienced British I.T consultant who has worked on numerous sites throughout the country as a subcontractor. He very kindly spoke to us about his experiences with construction site radio systems.

“When I was on site, I usually had two walkie-talkies at any given time” he said, “the company I was working for had its own set and the site contractors had theirs. We used our own set to communicate with our own team, mainly to clear the traffic on the main network. However, our team needed access to the main network as well. While I was working on software, for example, I needed to stay in constant contact with the electricians.”

Mr. Ashfield said that, during his most recent site job, 5 different teams of subcontractors shared the same network. A main office switchboard connected the teams. Trained professionals operated the switchboard, filling yet another pivotal role in any major construction job.

Safety was of paramount importance at all times, he said. The secure channel was used for emergencies only. It was mainly employed to inform the teams of impending safety tests and fire drills.

Construction sites are put up swiftly and efficiently and, over time, buildings are born from them. These impressive efforts are achieved by the talented teams of engineers, architects, electricians, builders and, of course, people like Mr. Ashfield, who go in every day and work together to create new and interesting spaces.

However, these achievements would be far more difficult if it wasn’t for the two Way Radios they constantly employ.


New tower in southern end of county will enhance radio coverage when built

So i found this short article on the net and i understand that just posting it as the whole article is not an excellent thing, I got consent from the original author and read up how to curate posts, so this is it…….i thought this was fascinating because it highlights some of the highs and lows that I encountered when i was working inside the business.

A new tower soon will stand tall in the southern end of the county, providing a massive upgrade in radio coverage to agencies working in areas south of N.C. 152.

The county is working with Motorola on the project.

Pending any unforeseen hurdles, county telecommunications officials said the tower will be a reality in the coming months.

From first responders to law enforcement to DOT workers, a variety of different agencies operating both in the county and in the city will be able to take advantage of the new tower.

The latest in a series of upgrades to the countys telecommunications infrastructure, the coming tower is another result of funds from a quarter-cent sales tax approved by voters in a referendum in November 2009.

We told the commissioners what we needed, they listened and they made it happen for us, Rowan County E-911 and Telecommunications Director Rob Robinson said. With the construction of the tower at the South Rowan site, were actually going to have a four-site system in this county. It is a massive improvement.

The original, and largest, radio tower in the county is owned by the city and located at what Robinson called the Hill Street Tower site in Granite Quarry.

The county already has leased space on an existing tower at Youngs Mountain in the northwest part of the county and placed radio equipment there.

In the southeast, construction of another tower also is in the works, Robinson said.

We have worked with the state, and they are building a new (Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders) tower down at High Rock Lake, Robinson said.

While the county has to purchase the radio equipment to be placed on the VIPER tower, Robinson said using the space on the tower is free.

If we dont run into any hurdles, we should be finished with (both the South Rowan site tower and the VIPER tower) some time in the next 90 days, Robinson said.

With the addition of the tower, Robinson said the county will be solid in street coverage and drastically improved in building coverage.

It is dramatically improving the coverage of public safety officials in the county, Robinson said. Were not the only ones who use it. You have Salisbury utilities, DOT, Rowan Transit and all these different agencies that also use our system.

Robinson said the county worked out an agreement with the city to essentially share the towers.

By doing this, we have beefed up the entire Walkie Talkie system that we all can use, so it helps us to be able to work together and better cover all parts of the county, Robinson said.

Like a cell phone, a persons radio signal will be handed off from tower to tower while that person is moving, and no interruption should be experienced, Robinson said.

We have a voter comparator system on these four tower sites, so when you key up, the system constantly is evaluating which one has the strongest signal, and that is the one it lets you talk through, Robinson said.

In regard to construction of the new tower in the south, Robinson said the plans are to start pouring concrete by the end of the month.

Rowan County Board of Commissioners Vice-Chairman Craig Pierce said the county is looking at selling space on the new tower to help offset the costs of construction.

It is truly a long-term investment, but it will pay for itself, Pierce said.

Sharing access to the countys towers with the city also is important, Pierce said.

This (radio system) is benefiting everybody in the county, including Salisbury. We would be remiss to keep it for us, Pierce said. (People in the city) are county taxpayers and helping to pay for the system. They should benefit from it.