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A new weapon in the fight against terrorism was unveiled in Asia today by Cambridge UK The radio communications technology business Sepura.

It has launched groundbreaking, noise eliminating technology – branded NN5 – for covert operatives working in political and military missions.

NN5 is specifically designed to help covert teams operate in environments with high levels of electro-magnetic interference; it eliminates noise in places such as cars, vans, trains, factories and shopping centres where covert teams often experience interference.

NN5, launched at GPEC Asia in Malaysia, comprises a range of discreet earpieces and a specially-designed facility connector. Its transmitter uses a novel, specialised audio signal modulation method, specifically developed to provide optimum performance in conjunction with the advanced digital signal processing implemented in the NN5 digital wireless receiver.

As a result, the NN5 is said to achieve outstanding speech quality across the whole spectrum of covert applications where standard inductive devices are inoperable. The NN5 earpiece is also described as the smallest discreet version on the market.

Jonathan Hamill, director of covert specialist solutions at Sepura, said: “Covert operatives have experienced background noise in vehicles and other places with high electro-magnetic interference for years. The NN5 solves this problem.

“This means that covert teams will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in locations where the inability to eliminate noise posed significant issues. By eliminating noise interference and providing a small, discreet earpiece, the NN5 is the ideal and seamlessly integrated solution for covert teams and enables them to operate safely.

“Sepura is the undisputed leader in the global covert market. The launch of the NN5 demonstrates our commitment to technological development and our ability to listen to customer issues and deliver innovative, well thought-out solutions.”

Sepura has won Business Weekly’s coveted International Trade title for the last two years.


The Current Scenario of the Uses of Trunking System and 2 Way Radio

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An improvisation of this can be noticed in the use of trunked radio.

A motorola DP2400 radio method is used by a large group of individuals instead of using a personal set. Whenever a group member wants to chat with another person from the group, an unused channel is located and used to converse with the others. The main unit controls and helps the working of the other radios in the system.

The chief aim of the system is the proficiency of service a classic example of this is the Tetra Radio.

Terrestrial Trunked radio popularly known as Tetra Radio is a specialized 2 way radio with a walkie talkie gradation. Tetra was mainly created for the exclusive use of the ‘government ‘organizations, armed force and the railways and al the SOS teams. The radio works on TDMA using 4 radio routes.

Tetra is designed to justify the European standards.

DMR Radio or the Digital Mobile Radio is an improved version of the professional mobile radio (PMR). DMR offers audio, video coding and other added services. The main purpose of the DMR is to be cost effective, to be able to connect with all types of types of radios.

The specifications are mainly to help the buyers with a range of radio solutions. This model is useful at construction sites where the other forms of mobile communications fail to offer the expected services.

The DP2400 two way radio is a radio that can offer both functions of sending or getting alerts. The 2 way radio is also called a walkie talkie. The instrument can be used within a coverage area of 2-5 miles. Mobile phones are apt instances that fit the definition of a two way radio because it uses two wave lengths to send and get the talk exchange.

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