2 way radios Allow Two People To Communicate

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I remember when I was a kid, I want to have something that looks like a real telephone but will allow you to talk with someone who holds the pair of that device.
And only later that I knew the name of the device I want to have. It is called walkie talkies. The cheap walkie talkies are very similar to a real radio device because you are allowed to communicate with the person who is holding the other pair of your device. Though it is just a toy, it can actually serve a real purpose that enables two people to talk with each other.

However, you can only talk with the person who holds the other pair in just a particular distance. With that, you and your playmate cannot go so far from each other because if that happens, you will never be able to hear each other. So, when playing, you have to be conscious about your distance with each other for you not to lost signal.
Therefore, as I remember, when we are using the device to play, we limit ourselves to just two rooms. One room is for the first group and the other room is for the second group. In that way, there will be no hassle and our play will not get interrupted. We can have continuous communication and can maximize our playing time.

But aside from the device itself, it can be used together with walkie talkies accessories. Like the Buy Cheap walkie talkies, it is available at low cost. So, once you bought your new toy device, you can as well buy the accessories right away since it will not require too much money.
With these accessories, surely, you and your playmate will get the happiness and satisfaction you are looking from a toy. Additionally, you can also maximize the use of your device since it has the complete accessories. Therefore, you can have the greatest happiness once you play using your device.

So, since then, I take care of my Walkie Talkies together with the motorola DP2400 radios accessories because I know that my parents saved their money so much just to give me what I want. So, I am very thankful for them for always giving me the things that can make me happy.
And as a return, I make sure that the device will be taken good care and will be safe all the time. Also, when my playmates borrowed my toys, I always reminded them to take care of my toys because it has so much value to me and it is a great help for my parents since they will not have to replace my toy once in awhile or when it was broken and damaged by me and by my playmates.

So, there is no time that I forget reminding myself and my friends to treat my toys as their own since I want that my toys will also receive the love and care from my playmates.


We Advise Restaurants on the Use of Two

BearCom Advises Restaurants on the Use of Two-Way Radios to Improve Service and Operations

So to resume my run of content pieces on this website, I’ve planned to share one of my favourite content pieces this week. I used to be hesitant to add it to the website as I actually did not want to offend the initial author, but I hope he/she is happy that I loved reading their article and planned to share it with my readers.
BearCom, a nationwide provider of wireless communications equipment and solutions, today detailed how restaurants can use 2 way Radios to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience.
“Instant communications help restaurants provide consistently high levels of service even when short staffed or extremely busy,” said Hugh Johnston, Product & Purchasing Manager at BearCom. “Two-way radios help speed food delivery, response to guest requests, and management resolution of food and service issues.”
Two-way radios enhance operations and guest service across multiple functions in a restaurant setting:
Hosts: Two-way radios allow more efficient front-door management by instantly communicating open table status and information on waiting parties. Restaurants are able to seat guests faster, improving customer service, and turn more tables, increasing profits.
Kitchen Staff: Kitchen staff is able to notify expediters and servers when orders are ready, ensuring that food reaches the table in optimal condition, without baking under a heat lamp or growing cold. Managers and servers can be alerted to menu item shortages or items not available.
Servers: Servers can respond to guests’ needs more efficiently by communicating requests to the kitchen from the dining room floor. Management can be quickly notified of food and service issues.
Bartenders: Bartenders are able to communicate with cocktail and food servers instantly to receive drink orders, request clarifications of orders, and alert servers when a drink order is ready.
Management: A restaurant manager’s job is to bring calm productivity out of chaos. Two way Radios keep managers informed instantly of any service or food issues that require their attention. In addition, if there is a disruptive patron or medical emergency, precious seconds can be saved with faster communications.
Valets: For restaurants with valet service, two-way radios help improve speed of vehicle retrieval and coordinate stacked parking.
Kiley Efron, owner of Taverna in Jacksonville, Florida, recently implemented two-way radio communications in that restaurant and saw an immediate impact on efficiency. “We started using them for the host team and bartenders so we could communicate. When you really can’t see each other, that communication is so vital,” said Efron. Management soon learned the benefits of equipping servers with radios during crunch times. “On the days that we were short staffed, we put all the servers on [radios] to help out the management team and our ability to communicate and to troubleshoot. It made things so much easier.”
Johnston said two series of radios from Motorola Solutions are especially well suited for restaurant employees. He listed the Motorola CLS1110 and Motorola CLS1410, as well as the CLP Series, which includes the Motorola CLP1010, Motorola CLP1040, and Motorola CLP1060. The CLP1060 is Bluetooth capable radio and comes equipped with a Bluetooth swivel earpiece preferred by some managers.
Motorola CLS Series portable radios are economical, compact, lightweight, and compatible with a variety of accessories. Simplified charging and cloning make CLS radios easy to manage, and they are so simple to use that little or no training is required.
Motorola CLP Series DP2400 radios are even lighter and smaller. Their design integrates an earpiece, which makes for even more discreet communications. The CLP1010, CLP1040, and CLP1060 are very easy to use, as they integrate only the essential accessory elements. The CLP1040 is the model used in the Taverna restaurant.
In food service, instant communication can be the difference between mediocre service and excellent service. “It’s especially important in high-volume periods. Radios helped us take service to the next level,” Efron said.
Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1885528#ixzz31ggBV5y8