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Your people are on the factory floor, at the front desk, moving across campus or around the country. Hauling freight or handling emergency repairs, MOTOTRBO connects them instantly and efficiently, everywhere they go.

Whether they need ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth® or industry-leading data applications, we have the right solution to fit your workforce now, and evolve as your enterprise grows.

More than a progressive portfolio, MOTOTRBO is a complete and expertly integrated solution of portable 2 Way Radios, mobile radios, repeaters, data applications, accessories, software and services. MOTOTRBO puts the right solution into the hands of the right user – to make decisions easier, efficiency better, safety greater and productivity higher. And that can transform your enterprise.




A major customer needs to reroute freight to a warehouse on the other side of the city.

08:20:10 Drivers enroute

The supervisor instantly locates his delivery crews via GPS tracking software on their MOTOTRBO system and quickly notifies them of the route change.


The drivers confirm the route change using their DM4801 mobile radios with integrated Bluetooth® and their Operations-Critical Wireless earpieces for safe, hands-free communication.


Dispatch text messages the address and directions to drivers and confirms the required route change.


The supervisor uses his DP4800 radio to confirm all drivers are enroute to the warehouse.


The drivers arrive at the warehouse and use their wireless Bluetooth scanners to scan packages as they are removed from the vehicle. Delivery is confirmed to dispatch through their radios as packages are scanned.



A machine in operation suddenly stops. The quality manager is instantly alerted of the malfunction via automated work ticket software. He easily reads the message on the five-line colour display of his SL Series portable radio.


The quality manager uses the one-touch button on the side of his radio to pull up his contacts list and quickly communicates to the maintenance technician on the factory floor.


Equipped with a rugged DP4800 portable radio and heavy-duty headset, the maintenance technician receives the communication. Even with the loud noise on the factory floor, Intelligent Audio in his radio automatically adjusts the volume to ensure he can hear the important message clearly.


Equipment is back online. With 12 hour battery life and IMPRES™ technology in all DP Series radios, communication is continuous, even with extended shifts.



Heavy rain and strong winds topple trees along a local highway, knocking down power lines and scattering debris all over the road.


As calls come in, dispatch locates the crews out in the field with GPS location tracking.


An emergency notification is sent out via text and a voice call is dispatched to their large field force over their MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus system.

16:15:26 CREWS ON SITE

Using their DP4800 portables and remote speaker microphones with Intelligent Audio, crews are able to communicate clearly over the noise of chainsaws, trucks and weather as they tackle debris and repair power lines.


Power is restored and crews log the incident and resolution via their tablet PC. The tablet connects wirelessly to the DP4800 portable via Bluetooth and sends the information to dispatch.


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A Look Back At Air’s ‘Talkie Walkie’ Ten Years Later (Recap)

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On Tuesday A Look Back At Air’s ‘Talkie Walkie’ Ten Years Later was a top story. Here is the recap: ( takes a special look back at Air’s 2004 full-length Talkie Walkie which turned 10 this month, and will be the focus of a special anniversary reissue package due later this year.
When the band Air emerged from Versailles, France, in 1998 with their debut album Moon Safari, the group’s dreamy sound swept over the music world like a cool summer breeze. From the opening instrumental, “La Femme d’Argent,” to the album’s appropriately cheeky left field hit, “Sexy Boy,” the duo’s mélange of lounge-intensive ’60s sounds with the whimsy of fellow countryman Serge Gainsbourg was an immediate hit in hip, dimly-lit bedrooms around the world.

Following Moon Safari, Air released the highly successful film score for Sofia Coppola’s gauzy 1999 movie, The Virgin Suicides. The duo’s upward trajectory stalled a bit with the release of the experimental 10,000 Hz Legend (2001). Heavy with Daft Punk-like vocoder and a dizzying variety of sounds, the relatively muted response to the record gave the duo a renewed sense of purpose when approaching its’ follow-up full-length.

“We were kind of pretentious going into 10,000 Hz Legend,” admitted Air’s Nicolas Godin during a recent phone call from France to discuss motorola DP2400 radio, now 10 years old (it was released on Jan. 27, 2004). “We were kind of full of ourselves after Moon Safari, so there was a lot of ambition on [10,000 Hz Legend]. I think we tried too hard with it. So for Talkie Walkie, we didn’t have any expectations or particular ambitions. It was just JB and I, no collaborators,” he said in regards to the band’s other half, Jean-Benoit Dunckel. “We just wanted to make something simple.”

Over the course of two interviews, both Godin and Dunckel looked back on Talkie Walkie with palpable fondness, placing it high in their personal rankings of the band’s discography. They answered questions honestly and frankly, particularly Dunckel, whose personal recollections of the time bordered on the TMI (more on that later).

Both members agree that Air is taking 2014 off to work on individual projects, including the first solo release from Godin (“all I can say is that it sounds nothing at all like anything I’ve ever done”) and Dunckel releasing the second album by Tomorrow’s World, a collaboration with vocalist Lou Hayter) but plan to reconvene for a new Air album and tour in 2015. In the meantime, they’re sifting through outtakes and live tracks from the era for a special 10th anniversary Talkie Walkie reissue.


Digital Walkie Talkie Improvement Is Loud And Clear

2 way radio targetCan’t get over how economical the walkie talkie kit is now, an amazing deal for a top-end product!

Reliable radio service is critical for emergency services to operate effectively. When disaster strikes, police, fire, medical, and other departments must be able to communicate with each other in order to
coordinate services. However, many county and city agencies have difficulty managing their communications systems because these departments use disparate radio systems that are not interoperable. Christian
County, KY, recently deployed a multisite, multidepartment digital radio system that solved its radio interoperability issues and provided reliable communications for its emergency services providers.
Previously, the county’s various departments had been using a variety of radio equipment, none of which was interoperable. That made it difficult for different divisions to communicate with each other over the existing radios.
“Before, if we wanted to talk to someone in the fire department or police department, we’d go through the dispatcher,” says Randy Graham, emergency management director for Christian County and radio project
coordinator. “They would call the other dispatcher and relay our messages, which created a lot of wasted time and lost information.” Officials from Christian County and the city of Hopkinsville formed a
committee consisting of the city fire chief, the sheriff, emergency management, dispatchers, and other officials to investigate purchasing a new radio system. The county engaged a consultant from Georgia Tech to assist
them with their RFP process. “Most of us on the radio committee were end users, so we didn’t have a lot of radio expertise,” Graham says. “The consultant helped us develop the RFP and then evaluate the proposals
that came in.”

The county had three chief criteria for choosing the new system: interoperability across departments, network capacity, and radio coverage. After a three-month selection process, the committee deployed the
NEXEDGE digital radio solution from Kenwood. The city and county have since deployed three towers and nearly 700 radio units across 35 departments, including the entire emergency management infrastructure.

Teamwork Aids
In Large Radio Deployment The scope of the radio project took both the county and Kenwood into new territory. The NEXEDGE solution debuted in 2008, and Christian County marked one of the earliest and largest deployments of
the technology. “Because this was a multisite public safety system, I don’t think we knew quite what we were getting into,” Graham says. “There were a lot of unexpected issues that stalled the
process, but Kenwood helped us to put a system in place that has really surpassed our expectations.”

Christian County deployed approximately 350 NX-300 portable (handheld) radios and an equal number of NX-800 vehicle-mounted mobile units. According to Graham, the project team initially rolled out a small test group
of portable units in each department to get some of the end users trained on the devices and to work out the kinks in the computercontrolled communications system. According to Graham, end user training was
key to the success of the implementation. “Kenwood warned us before we put the system in that if we were going to have problems, it was going to come down to training, and they were one hundred percent right,” he
says. “The biggest thing was getting people used to the difference between frequencybased

radios and trunking.”
Trunking Solves
Capacity Problems

The system is a trunked radio solution, which is a computer-controlled system that establishes talk groups on a few channels to provide greater efficiency. “We have 17 frequency pairs, but we’ve got 50 talk
groups,” Graham says. “You can only talk to one person in the group at once, but you can have 10 different talk groups talking at You.

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The Crazy Days of Walkie Talkie

2 way radio noise suppressorAgain a different short article i thought was interesting on the subject matter of 2 way radio dog collar’s, what would you need to do if i didn’t post this ehh? you’d have to check out the initial article, and the chances that you found it could be slim, so think yourself lucky that i’ve shared this wonderful piece with you.

During the great citizen’s band or CB radio craze of the late 1970s, it seemed like everyone had to have a CB radio and talk like a truck drive while driving down the highway.

CB radio is an unlicensed local radio service for individuals and small businesses. CB radios are quite inexpensive and can be very handy.

As you might expect, filmmakers and entertainers use a fair amount of artistic license in their portrayal of CB activities. If you start off your CB career with unrealistic expectations, you’re bound to be disappointed so let’s begin with the basics. CB radio was created in the 1950s by the FCC in and effort to encourage citizen’s to use the new radio technology.

The CB service provides individuals and small businesses with a low-cost way to stay in touch and coordinate their day-to-day activities up to a 5 or 10 mile range. If this sounds like what you need, CB might be just what you’re looking for.

Many two-way radio services require you to purchase a license from the FCC. The CB radio service isn’t one of them. The FCC does have some rules that you should follow though. You can find the rules tucked into the operating manual of your radio. You can also download them on the Internet.

The rules are easy to read and are organized as a list of common questions. They include technical rules about radios and antennas as well as what you can and can’t do on the air.

What you can’t do is fairly straightforward and laid out clearly in CB rule 13. You can’t advertise materials for sale or a political campaign, cuss, play music, or rebroadcast radio or TV programming. You’re also forbidden to intentionally interfere with other stations and make false transmissions particularly distress calls.

Each CB DP2600 walkie talkie can operate on any of 40 channels centered on frequencies from 26.965 to 27.405 MHz. This frequency range is near the upper limit of the traditional shortwave or HF band tucked in between the Amateur Radio 10-meter band and a band used by business radios.

You can operate in regular AM mode or select either upper or lower sideband a variation of AM discussed later in this chapter. That gives you 120 different choices about where to operate.

By far, the most popular use of CB radio today is in vehicles. Using CB for business-to-business communications is less common than it was in the halcyon days of CB radio but farms, towing companies, local delivery services, taxis, and other mobile users still find CB radios very useful.

Professional drivers use CB radio for everything from keeping an eye on speed traps to checking in at the delivery dock and making idle conversation with anyone in range. Right behind the professionals are private citizens who use CB radio when they drive for many of the same reasons.

The various walkie talkies radios

walkie talkie ebayI do not know how you came here as you read it on social media, twitter, facebook, google +, stumble upon or somewhere else. But thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

It is a Walkie Talkie communication unit that permits stability and privacy to the events having component in speaking with each and every other particularly exactly where there is no indicates of entry to easy communication.nThe walkie talkies radios can be utilised in excess of prolonged distances in emergencies and in industries. The general public transportation sector utilizes walkie talkies radios for communicating among buses, trams and trains. The two-way radios allow autos to simply and quickly communicate with the hub with out dialing or requesting permission.nnMany walkie talkies radios can be linked to a solitary frequency. This enables mass conversation amongst many individuals with no restrictions. There are numerous sorts of walkie talkies radios which are available right now. The analog and digital models have been utilized as toys and quick variety communication.nAnalog models typically utilize a handheld moveable unit with a built in radio and receiver. This unit can be attached to a belt or kept in a pocket when not in use. Several construction web sites and regulation enforcement departments utilize this kind of walkie talkies design. Specific walkie talkies radios have been positioned inside h2o evidence and anti-corrosive casings for underwater use.nnWith advances in electronics walkie talkies radios have been adapted to use VHF and HF units for enhanced assortment and high quality. These walkie talkies types are exceptionally little and can be stored in practically any compartment. Developments to safety have also been made achievable with latest improvements in engineering.nThe analog and electronic units occur with embedded security which helps prevent any unidentified models from eavesdropping into a discussion. The distinction among industrial and consumer walkie talkie types may differ with characteristics and good quality. The normal assortment of a buyer walkie talkie is substantially reduced than more specialist designs.nnThe dimensions of walkie talkies radios will vary on these two factors as properly. The walkie talkies radios use powerful batteries and antenna receivers. The antenna of the walkie talkies radios needs to be of appreciable measurement to decide up acceptable frequencies.nCommercial walkie talkie designs occur with protected casings created from metal and aluminum. These versions are water resistant and shock evidence. nnThe walkie talkies radios are perfect for lengthy variety consistent conversation. It is able of relaying data clearly and securely. The walkie talkies radios is best for outside and severe terrain use.

The Two way radios With The Best Features

walkie talkie reiWithout giving too much about this two way radio games article, but I found it remarkable and related to what I’m currently doing.

For two way radio lovers, there are some really amazing and sleek devices on the market today that will fulfill your ever wish and want. If you are in need of two way radios for sport or recreation or for business or play, the Uniden GMR1235-2 2-Way 12 Mile 2 Pack GMRS/FRS Radios are exactly what you need and some of the bestselling and most popular radios on the market today.

Including two radios in the package and having twenty two channels to choose from, the channel scan/monitor will be a highly useful thing for someone in need of this device. As there are over twenty channels, this can be a great tool for people in businesses where it is important to communicate with a variety of places. For example, if you are the head of a construction company, this will be a great way to be able to contact various road crews and departments that are in need of communication.

With a 12 mile radius, you can effectively reach someone twelve miles away and be heard clearly and crisply. Sounding a roger beep, you can contact people and be contacted in a way that is easy. The Uniden GMR 1234-2 radios are compact in size and so they can easily fit in your pocket or fanny pack or satchel with ease, just like a phone would. Weighing about one bound and eight by nine inches in width and height, this will be a convenient device to carry with you and transport.

Light in weight and bearing an LCD display, these devices will be excellent for you to use as you are on the go and need to communicate with people up to sixty three thousand feet away from you. Take them with you on a camping trip or some other kind of hiking expedition and be secure that you will be able to reach your fellow peers with ease and assurance. With its battery life of up to twenty hours, this product will assure you quality talk time without the pressing need to charge it repeatedly.

Another excellent bestselling two-way radio is the Motorola MR350 35-mile range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way radio pair. This pair of 2 way radios has an exceptional 35 mile range and sports 22 channels, as well, each of them bearing 121 privacy codes for superior interference protection. This is perfect for policemen or security guards that do not want their personal conversations and communication hacked in on by would be criminals or assailants. For professional use, these cannot be beat with the iVOX hands free communication without any need for headphones or anything as it has speakers that you can both hear and speak into.

Also, it includes eleven weather channels along with alert features so if you are hiking or camping you will be able to tune in to the forecast and be forewarned before anything dangerous occurs. Finally, it includes VibraCall, a very helpful vibration alert as well as twenty different call tones. With its 2.3 inch width and 1.4 inch height and.23 pounds of weight, it is easy to carry around and will fit in your pocket with ease and efficiency.

Ideal Marketing Mix A Combo of Digital and Physical Communications, Survey Says

What would you do if i said I had found a walkie talkie urban outfitters short article that isn’t only fascinating but educational as well? I knew you would not believe me, so here it is the educational, excellent and interesting editorial

communication security deviceThe majority of small businesses, 76 percent, agree their ideal marketing mix includes a combination of physical and digital communications, according to a new survey from Pitney Bowes Inc., Nearly three quarters surveyed, 72 percent, say they would do more of it if they had the right customer communications management tools.
Five hundred small business owners in the U.S participated in the survey. Of those 500, 74 percent had nine employees or fewer. The survey also found that those businesses sold products and services online were much more likely to embrace digital communications compared with those that don’t sell online.

Pitney Bowes surveyed 500 SMB owners about their marketing efforts, and these are the results. The two employee columns show the percentage of respondents who use that channel, while the online percentages show how many utilize that method, but sell/don’t sell online.
“Customers want to be reached through more than one channel,” said Debra Thompson-Van, Vice President of Marketing at Pitney Bowes. “Yet, channels in use two to five years ago are still being used today. There’s been no drop in the use of traditional marketing.”

Thompson-Van said that this is because different marketing communications serve different marketing purposes. Direct mail and advertising are proven methods that work that also reach a broader audience. Email marketing and social media are cost-effective and easy to use, but are also better are targeting individuals.
Pitney Bowes also noted that 12 percent of respondents added mobile marketing in the past year, and another nine percent added QR codes. Thompson-Van said this wasn’t bad for marketing methods that weren’t even being discussed 12 months ago.

“There’s an interest of combining the physical medium with the digital medium,” she said. The most common ways SMBs are doing this is by adding QR codes to direct mail and to business cards. Thompson-Van also recommends that SMBs combine direct mail and email marketing.

“Send an email and a hard copy at the same time,” she said. “It increases the likelihood of your message getting across, and response rates go up because of it.” An example of this combination is in health care, where a doctor can send an email about test results while using direct mail to send the actual reports.

“It’s far more effective than just doing one or other other,” Thompson-Van said.

Pitney Bowes also has released a suite of products to help SMBs embrace the newer marketing platforms and to reach these customers effectively. These resources include the pbSmart Connections, the pbSmartPostage, and pbSmart Essentials, a new small business blog.
“Small business owners are increasingly challenged to effectively communicate with their customers and prospects in ways they want to be reached. As a result, businesses are recognizing the requirement, and opportunity, of adding new customer communications channels. However, they need tools that are easy to implement and more information on how to use them to help build their business,” said Thompson-Van. “Our focus is on providing them the tools and guidance needed to get them passed those hurdles and effectively manage their customer communications.”